Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   investment project


   Sports Centre    

   Spa Hotel Project


Public Aquarium

To compliment the island we have added a large Aquatic Centre for the display of indigenous animal species (fishes & invertebrates)  taken from the waters surrounding the Canary Islands and from other parts of the World. Unique to the island this centre will prove to be a first class attraction and will draw people to the site.

It is said that to visit an Aquarium is a life changing event. A shift in opinion about the importance of preserving wildlife has been noted and a greater appreciation of the environment generally has been seen in visitors.

Olympic size pool

The addition of this large unique pool is to provide a facility for the general public and holiday makers in the tropical gardens. It will include spectator seating for competitions and artistic displays from the island’s youth and professional companies and inter island competition.

A combination of other pools will provide scuba diving lessons, rapids for the teaching of surf boarding and water chutes that will provide entertainment for the younger generation.

Within this building will be a large spa, sauna, hot tubs and steam room for use of holiday makers and the general public

Sports Hall

This large unique sports hall will be a very popular venue with holiday makers and local island residents and will provide a first class arena for competitive events

These will include:

Ice Skating Rink

This unique facility to the island opens up new sports and leisure interests for the inhabitants of the islands and tourists and is another very good source of entertainment for all age groups. This venue with its large spectator viewing platform will provide a natural arena for competition and attract people of all ages from all over the Canarian Archipelago and beyond

Touring professional companies can be invited to perform here opening up La Palma to a new and exciting type of entertainment for all to enjoy

Disco events, ice hockey, speed skating to name a few, are fun and exciting for all ages and the younger generation will be easily engaged to enjoy the facility

Together, the Spa Hotel with pool, sauna, gymnasium and entertainment hall, the self catering villas in the tropical gardens, the commercial shopping centre with night club and casino, the large public aquatic centre, the ice skating arena, the large swimming and diving pool, the amphitheatre provided in an area of 231,218.00 square metres must make this the most entertainment packed piece of land on La Palma and will provide good entertainment and profits all year round.

Sports Complex 1

Sports Complex 2

Sports Complex 3 1

Sports Complex 4

Sports Complex 5