Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   investment project

  Underground Shopping Centre    



Hotel Projects close to the Shopping Centre that have planning permission         

13)  El Puerto, Tazacorte                     

14)  Hoya Verdugo, Tazacorte             

15)  Tazacorte Hotel                             

23)  Las Hoyas, Scuba Diving             

24   La Mancha Spa                             

16)  Campo de Golf, Los Llanos                                                                                           

                                                                                  3,211 beds

These proposed hotels are a very short distance away from the Shopping Centre, at most a 10 minute taxi ride and possibly about the same distance from Los Llanos de Aridane , making it centrally positioned to provide the only entertainment in the area apart from activities in the Hotels

There are also numerous small family operated hotels in the area that would provide another 800 beds, plus

visiting and local youths would be attracted to the underground night club and the food outlets, such a McDonalds and privately owned cafeteria’s, as there is very little for them in the main town

(5 Star)

(4 Star)

(4 Star)

(4 Star)

(5 Star)

(4 Star)

500 beds

500 beds

235 beds

900 beds

500 beds

576 beds

Travelling tourists would provide a substantial “passing trade” as there are no other “duty free shopping centres” on the Island and they would also return to the site at night for evening entertainment.

Roof top bars and cafeterias with sea views would be a popular attraction but  views down into the hotel gardens must be totally obscured

Noise pollution from the nightclub would have to be minimal so as not to interfere with the hotel guests and it is suggested that this unit should be well underground , as many nightclubs are

The fully landscaped hotel grounds will not allow vehicular access (except for loading and unloading) to the Lodges and only electric transportation  will be permitted on site.  Car and scooter hire, petrol and any other related products will be  sold from the Shopping Centre.

A general stores will be required to provide visitors with daily food, cigarettes, wine and other essential items  while they are on their  self catering holiday

A duty free shop, a hairdressers, manicurist and clothes shops are all part of a holiday when abroad

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