Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   investment project


     Questions and Answers (D)  

     Spa Hotel Project

Why have no final designs for the villas been made?

We have many designs for different sized villas to choose from and after researching other resorts we found that the La Mancha Spa is unique in so far as no other Hotel chain offers self catering Spa Holidays at this level.

We consider that the final choice would need to be made by the Hotelier as they will be responsible for the successful and financial operating of the site.

This project is all about choice and at this early stage, changes are easily made.

Where is the Casino?

This project is the only licensed site on the island for a Casino, however this has been temporarily removed because of different philosophies about providing gaming by some Hotel Groups. This is easily replaced if required and will sit at the south east side of the site, adjacent to the shopping centre.

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