Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   investment project


     Questions and Answers (B)  

     Spa Hotel Project

Have drainage and utilities surveys been carried out?

All drainage and utilities as shown in the plans are passed

Has an environmental study been completed?

Environmental Studies have been completed.

Has a Highway study been carried out?

A highway study has been completed.

Has a traffic impact assessment been carried out?

No traffic impact assessment was required.

Services connections?

Electricity and water have already been installed on-site ready for connection.

Are Engineering Plans prepared?

Engineering drawings have not been prepared in-case alterations are required by investor/hotelier, however, the cost of these are included in the purchase price of the land.

Can changes be made to the planning?

Yes, alterations that are required can be made as planning is reasonably flexible as  long as alterations comply with Planning Laws.

Who can construct it?

Investors may wish to bring their own skilled construction work force to build this site but there is more than sufficient experienced labour available, that are resident and who are familiar and aware of this project. This skilled labour would provide a keenly priced workforce as unemployment is very high on La Palma as is in all the Canary Islands.

How quick can construction commence?

Subject to any changes that are required, preparation of the land could start immediately whilst engineering drawings are prepared and passed for consent to the relevant authorities.

Have grants been researched for this project?

To encourage foreign investment,   Continued over…….

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