Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   investment project


     Questions and Answers (A)    

     Spa Hotel Project

What is the total area of the project site?

The project site total area is 55.53 acres/224.275 square metres.

Has planning permission been granted?

Full planning along with all necessary licences have been approved on an earlier application but changes are in the process of being made that fall well within the original application.

Have boundaries been checked to establish the complete site is in the title?

Site has been surveyed and has established that all land falls within the title.

Are there any restrictive covenants that could influence the development?

There are no restrictive covenants that could affect the development e.g. Rights of light etc.

Has any checks been made for adjoining owner’s rights that may affect the development?

There are no adjoining owners or properties.

Are there any rights of way, way leaves affecting the site?

There are no legal rights of way across the land

Has local authority plans been searched that may affect the future of the site - Roads, Power Lines etc?

All searches have been made and are clear of any future development as regards to roads etc.

Are there any restrictions imposed that could effect any programming of work i.e. Working Hours on site?

No restrictions were imposed.

Are there any Planning Conditions that may affect the development and can they be discharged?

No planning conditions were imposed.

Are there any community contributions associated with the consents?

No community contributions are payable.

Can local highways Authority affect/influence the construction e.g. limits on delivery times?

Working on the construction site is unrestricted - day or night.

Has a Geo-Technical Investigation been carried out - boreholes etc?

Technical investigations have been made and results are in the main documents held in Spain

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