Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

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The birthplace of beautiful legends, La Palma is the perfect location to get away from it all in its leafy woods with refreshing water springs, such as those of Marcos and Corderos, along the ravines like the Barranco del Aqua, enlighten you with new and different sounds and fragrances.

On the Island of La Palma, declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2002 because of its clear skies and natural beauty, you can find volcanic cones, idyllic bays and magical spots such as woodland of “Elcanal y Los Tiles”.  Take a trip along the network of footpaths either on foot, by bike or on horseback and have a different and unforgettable experience.

Delight your eyes with the spectacular views offered at the Caldera de Taburiente, a breathtaking sight you can only see from the heights of the beautiful crests surrounding it, which are often as not, above the clouds.

On the Island you can also visit theme parks, such as the Garden of the Birds or the Maroparque, where you can enjoy learning al about the world’s  flora and fauna.

La Palm is also known as the “Island of Stars” due to the extraordinary clarity  of the sky there. At Roque los Muchachos, surrounded by a unique setting of truly breathtaking beauty at an altitude of over 2,420 metres above sea level, you can get to know one of the World’s most important astrophysical observatories, where scientists from al over the world study the heavens.

Nothing is more natural than”Mother Nature” herself, and the Island of La Palma demonstrates this admirably by providing a natural landscape for many leisure activities:

Scuba Diving is a very popular activity in the Canaries. You will see a fantastic variety of marine life and there are many diving schools to choose from.

In total there are 300 types of fishes living in these waters along with 1,000 types of invertebrates and around 600 types of algae.

Over the years the Canary Islands have developed into one of the most popular diving locations in Europe being only a four hour flight from most European Capitals

Diving here is a completely unique experience; its not like anywhere else on Earth. Looking down through crystal clear waters at spectacular volcanic sea beds, full of life is something you will never forget!

The under water landscape of La Palma is very special and as spectacular as its mountains, you will see volcanic walls, massive cliffs, amazingly huge submarine canyons and some enormous fish!

Island of La Palma



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