Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   investment project

How green will the La Mancha Spa Project be?

In theory, eco-towns have important benefits and are being considered by authorities all over the world.

The La Mancha Spa Project will use the latest developments in environmental technology and demonstrate how whole communities can live a greener life. Plus, provide an example of environmental excellence for other developments in the future.

A town full of solar-powered homes built to the highest standard of sustainability using low and zero carbon technologies; a self sufficient 5 star hotel; state of the art recycling and water systems; bio-waste plant for burning biodegradable waste, provided by human waste and rubbish that would ordinarily be passed on to the landfill site for disposal – reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, natural organic roofs to reduce the visible impact on the environment and importantly, complete accessibility.

All this may seem nothing but the dream of the environmentalists or the invention of science fiction writers – but it will soon be a reality.

The founders of this project have worked closely, over the past few years, with the University of Isla de Las Palmas, Environmentalist Groups, and Disabled Organisations and have designed this project to meet the specific demands of the 21st Century and the modern day traveller even if they are confined to a wheelchair and to provide a greener lifestyle for future generations.

Proposals for using biodegradable waste (or bio waste) to generate energy are increasingly being considered by authorities all over the World

This has been prompted by attempts to move away from landfill as the automatic choice for dealing with our rubbish, and to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by avoiding the burning of fossil fuels.

There are different forms and mixes of bio waste and how it is best used depends on many factors. Friends of the Earth believe that much more research is needed on the options for dealing with bio-waste.

However, global climate change is the biggest environmental threat facing our planet today!