Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   investment project

Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Mancha Spa Hotel   i

 This project is offered for sale as a whole or as fragmented units.

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This Project is exclusively licensed for a Casino with Restaurant and Bars and will be the only one authorised by the Government of the Island.

Situated prominently on the main circular road just outside Los Llanos de Aridane  it will attract  locals and holiday makers from all over the Island.

Residents from  the other Islands, who are already ardent travellers will also be attracted to the Casino and the Hotel facilities for overnight accommodation. It is understood that some parties will not require a Casino so this has been left flexible and can be included or excluded, if required


Night Club

Cigar Crafter/Cigarettes

McDonald's type food outlet

Duty Free Shop

General Grocers

Bank/ Bureau de change

Car Hire/Moped



Clothes Shop

Hair Stylist/Makeover

Coffee Shops/Restaurant

La Palma is a haven of peace and a paradise for the senses. Known as the “Isla Bonita” because of its spectacular landscapes, the colour and harmony of its villages and colonial cities alike; it is a unique location where your breath will be taken away by its natural beauty which strikes you at every stage as you explore the most exotic spots

Island of La Palma


Along with the Sports Centre this Shopping Centre sits on a main road position on the outskirts of Los Llanos de Aridane and is adjacent to the Spa Hotel. Opposite and to the east is to be built a 576 bed hotel on an International Golf Course and to the west is to be built a 900 bed hotel for a diving & extreme sports centre along with 3 other general hotels with 1235 beds.

If we include the residents of the Spa Hotel we total 3,211. You will see we have a vibrant mix of all ages and gender to exploit 7 days per week       


Executive Spa Lodges (self catering)

Go back to nature without losing the comfort of modern living, spoil yourself with the added luxury of en-suite bathrooms combining showers with water from the mountain springs, relax in front of flat screen TV’s housed in the lounge and bedrooms,enjoy a fully fitted kitchen to prepare those special meals to enjoy in the privacy of your own patio complete with brick-built barbeque stand.


There is a choice of 1, 2 or 3 bed-roomed Villas to choose from and these can be found in the plans and all are named after Spanish Flowers                                        

Aquatic Centre & Sports Complex

Unique to the Island of La Palma this large  Sports Centre is home to an Olympic Size Pool,Ice Skating Rink, Gymnasium and a large Aquatic Centre for the public display of indigenous animal species, fishes and invertebrates taken from the waters  around the Canary Islands, and from other parts of the World

It will prove to be a first class tourist attraction and draw people to the site………………                                                         

Spa Hotel

With its futuristic design and homely feel this hotel is a place where relaxation is compulsory and  fond memories are made on the beautiful, un-spoilt Island of La Palma.

Pamper yourself in the pools, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, games rooms, gymnasium and rest rooms all before you wine & dine yourself in one of the two Restaurants. Take a drink in the bar and join in the dancing and other entertainments provided.

If this is not your thing you can go to the shopping centre on site and get a McDonalds, eat in the Cafeterias or strut your stuff in the underground Night Club with resident & guest DJ’S until the early hours of the morning

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Luxury 312 keys 5 star Spa Hotel with 33 Self Catering high specification Villas all set in Tropical Gardens, large partially in - ground Shopping Centre with Casino & Night Club, Aquatic Centre, Ice Skating Rink, Olympic Size Pool and Large Gymnasium on the beautiful and un-spoiled holiday island of La Palma


Partially in ground Shopping Centre to integrate scenically

Unique Shopping Centre


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